Teaching Techniques and Learning Styles of Speaking Skill

Author: Supriyani, M.Pd

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah

SWT for His blessing, so I could accomplish this book which

entitled “Teaching Techniques and Learning Styles of Speaking


Speaking is aimed at enabling the students to use the language properly. In order to reach that goal, teachers certainly

need to provide appropriate techniques to promote the communication activities so that the students will master the communicative competence.

Besides providing appropriate techniques, the teachers have to know students’ differences in learning, their ability to understand and absorb lesson is certainly different levels.

Therefore, they often have to take different way to understand a lesson or similar information. Learning styles is a distinctive

way of learning for students. Learning styles show the fastest and best way for each individual to be able to absorb


Hopefully this book will be useful for the readers and for me myself as an educator. In this opportunity, I also do not forget to dedicate this book to my late husband, Sony Sandjaya (he passed away while I was preparing to write this book), and both of my sons, Firza Chandra Sandjaya Putra and Eky Pramana Sandjaya Putra.


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